Apr 06, 2021

What is Affiliate CPA Marketing?

Cost per Action, or CPA is a model in which a partner is paid for each predetermined action (lead) of a user on the advertiser’s site, like purchase of a product or service. In gambling projects, the lead often means registration, confirmation of a game account or phone number, depositing, passing a certain level in the game, participation in tournaments, etc.

How does affiliate CPA marketing work?

Unlike referral programs, where online casino operators and partners work directly, CPA models have an intermediary – an independent exchange called the CPA network. And therefore, what is CPA networking? It is a cooperation between the participants of the program takes place according to the following chain:

  • An advertiser (an online casino operator) puts offers in a specific CPA network – commercial offers for cooperation with conditions and promotional tools.
  • The webmaster (affiliate marketer) chooses an offer and receives a unique link to be placed on the traffic source. To attract players, it generates creatives: ads that are shown to all visitors. Partners may use contextual advertising, targeting in social networks, banners on thematic platforms, posting in teaser networks, etc.
  • Visitors interested in advertising go to the website of the gambling project and perform an action for which the webmaster is rewarded.

Partners may use a variety of sources, from thematic platforms to CPA networks. Each of them is suitable for a profitable lead, but you need to understand the features and advantages of popular options in order to competently integrate these or those offers and make money using the CPA model.


Search for an offer to promote

An offer is a proposition from an advertiser for webmasters, which he publishes in the affiliate network. In fact, this is an analogue of an advertising campaign brief. The main rule is the more detailed and attractive the offer is, the higher the chance of finding a suitable partner. Before you start your search for offers, select the narrow area you wish to work in and elaborate it until you get excellent results. There are many CPA marketing companies that hasten to make conclusions about the quality of an offer. They assume that if there is not a single lead per 100 conversions, they need to look for a new product. As practice shows, it takes time for a promo to warm up. You need to gather 300-500 clicks and then proceed to analysis.

The interaction model is pretty simple. Customers, advertising agencies want to get ready to buy customers, suppliers (webmasters) want to make money on paid leads. And here the main task of the partner network is to properly consult both parties and to make sure that the goals of publishers and customers are realized and everyone ultimately wins. The affiliate network lives off the commission from each lead, as a rule, it is 30%. The remaining 70% is paid to the webmaster.

Choose the most suitable traffic generation method

In CPA marketing, a platform means a personal source of a webmaster, designed to generate traffic to affiliate offers. The advantage is that CPA affiliates are not limited in his actions: they may not only introduce the popular models, but also toy around with new profitable formats. The following platforms are in demand in the affiliate vertical:

  • Thematic information websites;
  • Blogs;
  • Forums;
  • Cashback services;
  • Review sites;
  • Comparison sites;
  • Streaming platforms (YouTube, Twitch);
  • Social networks, and others!

The partner’s earnings directly depend on the conversion rate, which testing should be performed on an ongoing basis to improve and maintain the efficiency of the traffic source. The distribution of traffic in the CPA network is very conditional. It changes every month depending on the seasonality and on which advertisers are present in the affiliate network at a particular moment of time.

Advantages of CPA Affiliate Marketing

The CPA payment model is one of the most effective in performance marketing. A business pays only for users who have performed a specific action: registered, filled out a questionnaire, ordered a call, or purchased goods offline or online.

You can track users’ actions not only online. The CPA payment model is suitable for offline points of sale as well. For example, one runs ads on the Internet and offer users a cashback on the purchase of a specific product. After paying, the customer receives a receipt with a QR code, which contains all the data about the purchase. He scans it and gets the cashback, and the CTA network records the targeted action.

Passive income

Traffic monetization is a way of making money that allows you not only to recoup the content of a web resource, but also to get passive income, which over time can turn into the main income. To make this possible, webmasters need to thoroughly approach the choice of traffic monetization method. In this vein, a special niche is occupied by gambling companies’ affiliate programs (PP).


Flexible ways to make money

Working with advertisers requires the signing of documents, imposes special restrictions on financial relations between the participants. The affiliate marketing network, instead, works on flexible terms with webmasters and affiliates, you can always negotiate with it. With such business scheme you have a flexible choice of target audience, effective tools, wide coverage, convenient payment methods.


CPA marketing allows you to make a profit almost from the first week. For an offer, this is a very profitable budget spending system. Payment is made only for the desired (and useful) actions of a client. Marketers are also rewarded for targeted leads. Therefore, they are forced to come up with new incentives that are interesting for the consumer. Since most often, payments for conversion actions are higher than fees for traffic, clicks and impressions, advertising agencies are interested in availing of CPA marketing. CPA marketing is a powerful tool for those who care about sales or other direct conversions in first place.

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