May 14, 2024

Best Conversion Tracking Tools Worth Trying for Affiliates in 2024


In the days when online marketing was in its infancy, webmasters and affiliates had to track a lot of data literally by eye. However, as internet technology has evolved, powerful tools have emerged to provide valuable information throughout the customer journey, identify the most effective marketing strategies and reduce advertising costs. While Google Analytics has long been a leader in the conversion tracking software niche, there are many alternative software solutions and services available to affiliates today that go hand-in-hand with the evolution of the customer experience on the global web. We are here to tell you what conversion tracking tools are, how they benefit affiliate marketers and also to present the top 8 best conversion tracking solutions on the market that are worth trying in 2024.


Tips on Choosing the Best Conversion Tracking Tool

In simple words, conversion tracking software is a valuable tool that allows you to see the actions taken by your users after interacting with your marketing campaigns. Instead of just showing the number of clicks and impressions, it allows you to look deeper and see important actions like leads, downloads, registrations and purchases made by users referred by you as an affiliate marketer. So, by utilizing powerful conversion tracking tools, you will be able to see a more complete picture of the interactions with your target audience. Here are a few things you will be able to achieve by using effective conversion tracking solutions:

  • Finding and eliminating problematic points and subtleties that degrade the user experience.
  • Improved segmentation through better targeting. This will allow you to find the people most interested in what you are promoting.
  • Deeper data analysis to better optimize your marketing campaigns.
  • More efficient allocation of resources and lower marketing costs.
  • Maximize profits by making optimal decisions based on behavior analysis of your target audience.


So, having software conversion tracking tools at your fingertips is a necessity for those who want to continue to stay competitive in affiliate marketing in 2024. However, many marketers are still using Google conversion tools that are struggling to keep up with current trends. There are several reasons why Google conversion tools such as Google Analytics may not keep up with the demands of marketers in 2024 – check them out below:

  • Concerns about accuracy and reliability because Google Analytics is not transparent about how conversions are attributed.
  • Lack of data regarding what happens after conversions are made.
  • Unsuitable for long user experience campaigns because Google’s conversion tool tracks attributions for no more than 90 days.
  • Attributing value only at the last point of interaction in the customer journey.


The above challenges of Google tools will likely cause you to start looking for alternative conversion tracking tools. However, how do you find the best option that is right for you given your goals and objectives? Here are some tips for choosing the best software solutions for affiliate marketers:

  • Determine what types of conversions you want to track. Given the type of product you are promoting, you may want to track signups, leads, sales, and other things. Also, consider factors such as the number of affiliate programs you work with, the amount of traffic you generate, and your marketing budget.
  • Explore the functionality of the tracking solution you are considering. Keep in mind that tracking clicks and links is a basic function that any tracking service should have. Favour an option with conversion attribution, reporting, easy integration with your marketing tools, and good customer support.
  • Find out what other marketers are saying about the tracking software of your choice. This will let you know the pros, cons, and possible subtle points of the tracking solution.
  • Compare prices to choose an option that fits your budget. The cost of marketing tools can vary greatly depending on the features they offer.


While most software conversion tracking tools are provided on a paid basis, you may also have access to a free trial. Don’t miss the opportunity to test the product for free before investing in it. Our experts have conducted their own research and compiled a list of top 8 tools to track conversions based on all the above criteria.


Google Analytics

Despite the above-mentioned challenges, Google Analytics is still one of the most popular conversion tracking tools for affiliate marketers working in various verticals. As a powerful tool used by webmasters, SEO specialists and affiliate marketers, it allows you to register predefined goals such as making a purchase on a web page.


Thus, using the Google tool, you can get a pretty detailed picture of conversions, sales and your target audience including the behavior traits of potential customers. Access to a large number of tools provided on a free basis is perhaps the main advantage of Google Analytics as a tool to track conversions. However, to use all the features of this online service, you will have to allocate a fairly large sum that not every affiliate marketer can afford to spend.


Before you opt for Google Analytics, you should take into account such a drawback as poor tracking of phone calls and online store visits. Although this tool may be good for those who aim to increase website visitors, it alone will not be enough in today’s environment. Therefore, many affiliates cooperating with Affter affiliate network use additional software solutions listed below.



If you require effective app conversion tracking, then Kissmetrics may be a great choice for you. Here are a few things about Kissmetrics that you should learn:

  • The ability to track the entire user journey from the first click on your affiliate link to the immediate moment of conversion.
  • Detailed reports on user conversions through the sales funnel.
  • Easy integration with popular marketing tools including CRMs, affiliate program management platforms and web analytics systems.
  • Track any event on your website including video views, file downloads and more.
  • Segmenting users by applying various criteria such as behavioural traits, demographics, traffic sources and others.


Last but not least, Kissmetrics allows you to perform A/B testing so you can check which versions of your web pages are performing the best. Using this powerful app conversion tracking solution in combination with modern tools such as Chat GPT, you will be able to achieve meaningful results with your marketing campaigns.


Attention Insight

Today we are witnessing a real revolution in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is why you should look into AI-based tracking solutions. Attention Insight is a great option for those who want to analyze in more detail how users interact with a website. While web heat mapping tools are nothing new to affiliate marketers, Attention Insight offers advanced features such as the ability to create video heat maps and a contrast tester. By using Attention Insight to the max, you can significantly optimize your website to provide the best possible user experience, which is essential in a world of users unable to keep their attention on anything for long periods.



If you use WordPress as your CMS, you should definitely give OptimizePress a try. Designed specifically for users of the popular website management system, it offers great features for creating sales pages and landings for affiliate marketers. In addition, it has a built-in conversion tracking system so you have a complete picture of how many people are converting on your web pages.


By using OptimizePress, you will benefit from the following features and benefits of the platform:

  • Simple user interface so you can create high-converting landing pages without technical knowledge.
  • 100+ ready-to-use templates optimized for conversions.
  • Ability to easily conduct A/B testing to identify the most effective web pages.
  • Seamless integration with other marketing tools.
  • Creation of capture forms to collect leads from visitors as well as automated sales funnels.


The availability of a checkout and payment plugin with a robust system for protecting users’ personal and payment data is an additional advantage of OptimizePress.



This powerful online tool can be a lifesaver for those who use landing pages in their marketing strategy. Similar to OptimizePress, it offers many ready-made web page templates as well as a simple builder allowing you to create landing pages without writing a single line of code. Add to all this an AI-based conversion tracking algorithm, smart traffic tool, and A/B testing capabilities and you have a great solution for creating optimized sales pages. The good news is that you can try a free trial of Unbounce to see if it’s what you need.


Google Optimize

If you thought that Google Analytics was the only thing the search giant offers, you were very wrong. Experienced affiliate marketers know that A/B testing is a powerful tool that cannot be neglected to create truly effective marketing campaigns. By utilizing Google Optimize, you’ll be able to test different variations of content on your web pages to find the ones that provide the highest conversion rates. It can also be a great addition to Google Analytics. Importantly, Google Optimize is a platform with most of the features available for free.



Enabling you to engage your target audience, build trust, increase organic traffic and boost conversion rates, content marketing is one of the most important tools for affiliate marketers. By connecting BuzzSumo to your campaigns, you can optimize content as well as research keywords relevant to your niche. BuzzSumo also boasts the ability to track competitors on the global web so you’re always up to date on all events and trends. This tool also helps you generate ideas for content thus making it easier for you to write articles that resonate with your target audience.



For those who want access to the functionality of tools like OptimizePress or Unbounce without paying a penny, ClickerVolt can be a great option. Offering all the same features including the ability to create conversion-optimized sales pages, A/B testing, checkout and payment plugin, and automated conversion tracking, it will make life much easier for affiliate marketers without a big budget. The ability to integrate with a large number of all kinds of marketing tools is also a strong point of ClickerVolt.


Affter Gambling Affiliate Program

Online gambling and betting are very promising verticals for affiliate marketers today, so it’s no wonder that there are so many iGaming affiliate programs and networks offering affiliates the opportunity to earn from promoting gambling products. If you are on the lookout for a reliable affiliate program that offers a variety of marketing tools and supports popular tracking solutions, then you should check out Affter Affiliates.


Introduced to the world in August 2023, Affter Affiliates is a one-of-a-kind affiliate program offering many promising offers for gambling and betting affiliates. Understanding the risks and challenges that affiliates face every day in their work, Affter gambling affiliate program takes them on to make life easier for its users. Importantly, Affter Affiliates prioritizes only high-quality traffic and therefore works only with proven and experienced affiliates.


By receiving an invitation from Affter Partner, you will have access to fresh and highly sought-after offers often unavailable to solo affiliates and even many large teams. In addition, you will be able to utilize a host of ready-made marketing materials and tools including S2S Postback. Affter also offers a functional affiliate management account and the ability to use any of the tracking tools.


H2: Bottom Line

Only decisions made based on data analysis will help you improve various aspects of your business, so the use of powerful marketing tools such as conversion tracking software is a necessity today. After reading the descriptions of the software solutions presented above, you will find that they are suitable for different purposes. So, while Google Analytics is great for those who have their own website, Unbounce is well-suited for those who want to create high-converting landing pages. By tracking conversions, you will be able to find marketing strategies that maximize your revenue and evaluate the return on your investment in campaigns.

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