May 30, 2024

iGaming Affiliate Program Affter Participates in MAC Affiliate Conference Erevan 2024

From 30 to 31 May 2024, Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) will witness MAC Affiliate Conference Erevan, one of the oldest conferences in the affiliate marketing industry where the best webmasters and affiliates will take part. The event is not to be missed, The MAC Affiliate Conference offers a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience on key trends and opportunities in the ever-growing online marketing industry. From exciting networking events and exhibition market to a grand all-night afterparty, the MAC Affiliate Conference will not let any attendee get bored.

Day One & Day Two Insights

With 2,500+ attendees, 100+ exhibitors and 30+ reports from the stage, the MAC Affiliate Conference is impressively scaled for 2024. Covering niches such as affiliate marketing, iGaming, finance, crypto, earning on apps and other very promising options, it opens up a wide range of opportunities for affiliates, marketers, webmasters and online entrepreneurs looking to keep up to date with the latest news, insights, challenges and opportunities. Over the two days of the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to outstanding speakers – here are a few of the most anticipated:

  • Galina Bakusheva will talk about the secrets of creating an SEO iGaming team from scratch to effectively promote online platforms in search engines.
  • KJ Rockers will share secrets and strategies for lead generation.
  • Artem Prokofiev will talk about how to open your own online casino from scratch by giving a step-by-step guide on how to create your own iGaming business.
  • Sergey Ovseenko will share his expectations of what ASO will be like in 2024 and give tips on how to outperform competitors and achieve a leading position in the niche.
  • Pavel Panov will share his thoughts on the Facebook App market in 2024.

In addition to the above, there will be many other presentations by leading startups and companies in the industry. There will also be a lot of exciting events from MAC Affiliate Conference partners, which will be held in the picturesque places of Yerevan from May 29 to June 1.

Great Opportunities for Networking

MAC organizers offer an exciting array of activities with sports tournaments, networking meetups, partner dinners and exclusive parties where attendees can exchange knowledge and find opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations. By visiting the Meridian Exhibition Center, you will be able to learn about affiliate programs and networks, advertisers, service companies and young media buying teams. With 100+ companies directly related to affiliate marketing, the exhibition market at MAC can be the place where you learn about new products and services and meet potential partners. In addition, MAC Affiliate Conference Erevan offers many other networking events including cocktail parties, coffee breaks and special networking sessions where you can mingle with representatives of prominent companies in the industry in a less formal setting.

Sponsors of MAC Affiliate Conference Erevan 2024

The organizers of the affiliate marketing conference are proud to have a huge list of sponsors and partners including the following outstanding companies and teams

For a complete list of sponsors, divided into Diamond, Platinum, and Gold – as well as a list of partners – visit the official MAC Affiliate Conference Erevan website.

Affter Affiliates at MAC Conference

This exciting event in the picturesque capital of Armenia will also be attended by representatives of Affter Affiliates. A rising star in the affiliate marketing market, Affter Affiliates is a young and promising gambling/betting affiliate program with direct exclusive offers: Nomad, Sultan, Parimatch.

You will be able to talk to Olha Kovalova (SEO Affiliate Manager) and Yana Khomiuk (Senior Affiliate Manager) to learn more about the features of the Affter affiliate program and its offers. Affter Affiliates boasts a top management team with 10+ years of experience in iGaming, its own affiliate platform with many powerful tools and marketing materials, as well as cooperation with the leading iGaming brands in the industry.

Exciting Afterparty

After the speakers’ voices are heard from the stage and a Giveaway from sponsors, you will be invited to move to Karen Demirchian Sports and Concerts Complex where the grand afterparty kicks off on May 31 at 8:00 pm. This is a huge space with a dance floor offering a colourful show, delicious food and unlimited drinks for 1,500+ attendees looking to party hard. Held until the morning, the afterparty is another unique opportunity to make new acquaintances in a comfortable environment and get even closer to your peers.

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