Feb 14, 2021

How to make money with affiliate programs of bookmakers

Almost all betting companies have their own affiliate programs in order to provide an opportunity to earn money by attracting new players to a gambling platform to anybody who wishes to participate. Mainly, they focus on sports websites. At the same time, a number of offices give a chance to gain an income with affiliate programs even if a partner has no own Internet site. In most affiliate programs, the client you bring to the bookie is assigned to you, and you will get an interest from all his payments on the gambling site, not only from the first one.

How to earn real income by participating in affiliate programs?

So, what is the earnings model of a bookmaker’s affiliate program? Webmasters are invited to send traffic to a bookmaking site. A player who comes to the site is invited to register to get access to betting and/or playing at a casino. In return, the partner receives a stipulated percentage of all funds spent by the active user.

At the beginning the bookmaker allocates a minimum revenue share percentage of the total bookmaker’s earnings, i.e. from the losses of your referrals or their deposits to the gaming account, or both depending on a bookie’s conditions. Subsequently, it reviews the quantity of your referrals and the percentage (share) is discussed individually with the manager: 20%, 40% or even 60%. Bookmaker earnings are affected by: sports and casino betting results, betting sales, insurance, deposit bonuses. The maximum amount of remuneration for affiliates is up to 60%.


What do you need to make money with the bookmaker’s referral programs?

A referral program is a kind of an agreement between a seller and partners, concluded for the purpose of selling a product or service. A partners program enables a gambling company to reduce the cost of attracting the end customer, and its partner to earn a percentage of the income from the sale of a product or service (bets in this case). Here is a step-by-step guide for making money on an affiliate program:

  • Create an account, that is register, in an affiliate program;
  • Get your unique referral link through which referrals and their replenishment are tracked. The link is available to you in your account on the affiliate tab;
  • Share the link with people who are interested in betting (on social networks, messengers, forums, websites, etc.);
  • Track the number and actions of your referrals in your personal account;
  • Get a percentage of the amount spent by each referral on the bookmaking platform!

This is the shortest and most understandable step-by-step instruction for making money with a gambling affiliate program. It looks simple and fast. Nevertheless, the majority stumble at the stage of finding the traffic. Affiliate traffic are persons who follow your referral link and fund an account on the partner’s website.

So, where can partners get traffic on the Internet to make money on the affiliate program? As has been mentioned, one does not necessarily needs to own a website to place the relevant materials and affiliated links on it. You can use social networks, blogs, YouTube, forums, teaser networks. Beware that it is always forbidden to use spam mailing, click-unders and pop-unders, contextual advertising, cookie-stuffing, or trying to artificially inflate payments and the amount of remuneration.

How do I join a bookmaker’s program?

The owner of a sports site must register in the betting office affiliate system and apply for participation. If it is approved, you can start earning, luring clients to the betting website. By registering with an affiliate bookmaker’s program and establishing cooperation with bookmaker, the user will have access to promotional materials to attract new players. In addition, a referral link will become available for posting it on your site or whatever platform you use. Clicking it, the visitor will be transferred to the website of a betting company, and in case of registration, it becomes assigned to him. This determines the earning: if the user registers following your link, the profit is in your pocket.

Statistics on income on the affiliate account is shown in the currency that the user selected at the time of registration. All payouts will be executed in it. The payments are usually available through most of the popular methods. Among the most popular are bank transfers, credits to Visa / MasterCard cards, e-wallets (like Qiwi, WebMoney, Skrill, Nettler) and PayPal.


How is traffic monetization carried out?

Traffic monetization is a way how to earn money that allows you not only to recoup the content of a web resource, but also to get passive profit, which over time can turn into the main income. To make this possible, webmasters need to thoroughly approach the choice of traffic monetization method. In this vein, bookmakers’ affiliate programs occupy a special niche. Bookmakers with an affiliate program enable webmasters to exchange traffic from thematic sites and groups in social networks for real money on beneficial terms.

After joining the program, the participant gets access to advertising and marketing materials provided by the bookie. For publications it is suggest to utilize:

  • Referral links;
  • Banners;
  • Thematic articles;
  • Integration into pages!

Depending on their own requirements and the peculiarity of their resource, a webmaster can choose the applicable content to attract new players. For example, he may order a banner of the required size, a link or an advertising post.


Each referral program of a bookmaker works on the principle of attracting players and users to the operator’s website or mobile application. This is a relatively easy way of how to make money on affiliate program: participants receive a reward, the amount of which is determined by the quality of traffic and the number of attracted betting participants. Thus, the owners of sites and thematic platforms receive working and affordable tools for earning money by placing advertising materials on their resources.

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