Jan 15, 2024

Guide on How to Find Top CPA Offers to Earn Good Money

The modern internet is not only a place for socializing and entertainment but also something that opens up huge opportunities for those who want to earn money. Today, affiliate marketing is still one of the most promising methods of business promotion in the online environment where you as an affiliate can receive monetary rewards for new visitors, subscribers, customers or sales.


Promotion of CPA offers is one of the most popular activities of affiliate marketers. However, as practice shows, not all webmasters understand what CPA is and how it works. We are here to tell you about the features and benefits of CPA offers, how to find the best CPA offers, what limitations you may encounter in your work and how to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Things to Know About CPA Offers

Before you start promoting products by utilizing the CPA model, you must first have a clear understanding of how it works. First, CPA is Cost per Action, where Cost is how much a company or brand will pay an affiliate for their work. As for Action, it is some targeted action that a potential customer attracted by the affiliate should perform (for example, subscribing to a newsletter, registering on a particular website, making a deposit, making a purchase, etc.). Thus, CPA is a digital marketing strategy where marketers get a part of the profit companies receive as a result of the efforts made by the marketer.


So, CPA marketing is an opportunity for beginners and experienced marketers to earn money online by promoting products and services in various ways. It is a great option for newcomers as it has a low entry threshold and does not require any special knowledge from the marketer. You just need to place a post or advertisement with a link leading to a landing page where your visitors have to perform a targeted action such as subscribing, making a purchase or downloading an app. So, if you didn’t know before what is a CPA offer, this is what you will be promoting to earn commissions as a reward.


Picking the Most Converting CPA Offers

So, you are ready to put CPA links in your posts and incentivize your visitors to click on them. However, now the question is where to find CPA offers. Before you promote something, you need to make a deal with a CPA affiliate program which is a kind of aggregator of CPA offers. Below we have given you some tips with which you can find the best CPA offers to promote and earn high commissions.


Pay Attention to the Payout Structure

When looking for the best affiliate marketing CPA offers, most likely – due to your inexperience – you will favour those with the highest commissions. However, the cost per action varies depending on the type of action. While encouraging a user to leave their contact details can be a fairly simple task, you may find it difficult to get them to connect their bank card or e-wallet and make a deposit.


Therefore, if you are new to the affiliate program CPA offers, you should start small. That is, do not chase the large commissions offered for each user who made a deposit or purchase, as it will be extremely difficult to incentivize users to make a targeted action of this kind. Although the commission rate for simpler actions such as subscribing is lower, you can still earn a decent profit by increasing your traffic.


Learn about Possible Restrictions

You probably think that you will be able to promote CPA offers in any way you can in order to maximize your earnings. However, CPA affiliate programs can impose various restrictions that you will encounter in your work as an affiliate marketer. Here are a few things you should pay attention to when considering CPA offers:

  • Eligible traffic sources. Many CPA affiliate programs set conditions on what traffic sources (i.e., places where you can find potential clients) you can use. For example, you may not be allowed to use pop-up traffic, paid traffic, or incentive traffic. In addition, an affiliate program may set restrictions on regions, countries, devices used and more.
  • Acceptable methods of promoting CPA offers. To ensure brand consistency, affiliate programs may set strict rules regarding the use of logos, trademarks and other things. In addition, you will most likely be prohibited from posting negative reviews about the brand, spamming and doing other things that undermine the reputation of the company, brand and promoted products.
  • Exclusive partnerships. Some affiliate programs may require their partners not to promote products of competing companies.
  • Compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Affiliate programs may require affiliates to comply with all requirements established by applicable law regarding customer protection, use of user data, and responsible advertising practices.
  • Technical restrictions. Affiliates working with CPA affiliate programs may also face limitations regarding the use of IP addresses, cookies, and data from user devices


In addition, some affiliate programs set quite high requirements for affiliates willing to cooperate with them. Thus, you may encounter affiliate programs working on invite-only model to cooperate only with experienced marketers who have proven their effectiveness in practice. Not following the above requirements, you risk losing commissions from your work. So, before you choose an affiliate program that offers the opportunity to promote products under the CPA model, carefully read all the T&Cs to learn about any possible pitfalls.


Learn About Withdrawal Terms for Earned Money

The ideal scenario is when you are able to withdraw any amount of your earnings from an affiliate program. However, due to various factors, affiliate programs set a minimum amount that must be in your account balance for you to be able to withdraw money. Find CPA offers for which you can withdraw even low amounts of earnings, for example, from $100. In addition, pay attention to the following things:

  • How long does it take to process your withdrawal request?
  • Is there any additional transaction fee charged by the affiliate program?
  • What penalties can be imposed if you violate the terms of the user agreement?


Finally, find out what methods you can use to withdraw your earnings. For example, most affiliate programs offer their affiliates several payment options to choose from, including e-wallets and cryptocurrency.


Where Can I Get CPA Offers?

As mentioned above, the CPA model of affiliate marketing is when you find potential users and direct them to the product you are promoting. This means that you can make a deal with the company selling the product (the advertiser) directly. However, affiliates most often work with affiliate networks and affiliate programs. Acting as an intermediary between the advertiser and affiliates, affiliate networks and affiliate programs provide all the conditions necessary for effective promotion of the offers available to them, while direct advertisers often do not have the capacity to cover all the needs of affiliates.


Before you choose an affiliate program or network, you need to understand the differences between them. For example, an affiliate network is an organization that works with several companies and brands (including even those that compete with each other) to promote their products. As for an affiliate program, it is usually committed to a specific brand. If you are a beginner, you can start with CPA affiliate networks as they put up much lower requirements for affiliates compared to affiliate programs. However, the downside is that affiliate networks offer lower commissions under the CPA model.


When it comes to finding CPA offers, you should pay attention to statistics, including such important metrics as EPC (earn per click) and CR (conversion rate). You can contact an affiliate program manager to request statistics on different traffic sources.


Additional Tips on Earning on CPA Offers

Obviously, finding good CPA offers is an important part of your job as an affiliate marketer. However, there are many additional things that you should not overlook. Here are some helpful tips on making money from promoting CPA offers that will come in handy for you:

  • Choose the best vertical. The first step is to choose a vertical, or industry, that you are interested in and have some knowledge about. This will help you to understand the target audience and the types of offers that are most likely to be successful. As for the most promising verticals for CPA offers, you should consider gaming and gambling (iGaming), finance, retail, health and beauty, and training.
  • Consider the best GEOs (countries and regions). Once you have chosen a vertical, you need to consider the best geographic location for your campaigns. This will depend on several factors, including the target audience, the regulations in place, and the availability of traffic. When choosing a GEO, consider such features as the population, the level of Internet infrastructure, the regulatory environment, and the average income level of your target audience.
  • Pick your traffic source. There are many sources of traffic for you to choose from, including organic traffic (when you are not using advertising to attract potential customers), paid search, social media, email marketing, and others. When choosing a traffic source, consider your content requirements, the characteristics of your audience, your marketing budget, and other things.
  • Create quality and engaging promotional materials. Your creatives are what will ultimately determine whether or not you are successful in driving conversions. Make sure your creatives are high-quality, attention-grabbing, and relevant to your target audience. To make your content appealing to potential customers, use high-quality images and videos, write clean and clear text content, formulate clear calls to action, and generally customize your promotional materials with your audience in mind.
  • Track your results and make changes accordingly. It’s not enough to just publish a few posts or ads to generate a steady income. As an affiliate marketer, you must monitor your campaigns, make changes and measure key metrics to achieve more outstanding results.


To track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you can use the postback tool available from the best CPA affiliate programs. Without tracking your campaigns, you are essentially working blind and therefore will not be able to optimize them to increase your profits.


Closing Thoughts

While affiliate marketing is booming today – and there is a huge selection of CPA offers – choosing a really good option is a challenge. The truth is that you also need to consider things like verticals, GEO, traffic sources and others. Moreover, having chosen a good offer, your work only begins at this point, as you will have to invest a lot of time and effort to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.

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