May 22, 2024

Affhub Conf 2.0 Lviv – Spectacular Affiliate Marketing Event


One of the most important events in the affiliate marketing and traffic arbitration sector in Ukraine, Affhub Conf 2.0 is scheduled to take place on 23 May 2024 in Lviv. This time it will bring together 1,500+ experts from various segments of the marketing community including gambling, betting, dating, crypto, finance and other in-demand and highly promising verticals. The event provides a platform to network, share knowledge and insights, and learn the latest trends in affiliate marketing. Held for the fifth year in a row, Affhub Conf provides each participant with a unique opportunity to meet peers, make new acquaintances and forge new mutually beneficial partnerships.


Great Networking Opportunities

Designed for webmasters, media buyers, advertisers and other representatives of the affiliate marketing community, Affhub Lviv presents 1,500+ guests, 1,000+ square metres of exhibition space and an unmissable affiliate marketing party that should not be missed. So, it opens up huge opportunities for strengthening existing ties as well as new collaborations in the affiliate marketing industry:

  • Affhub Conference for affiliates featuring dedicated networking rooms and informal breakout sessions where you can meet industry leaders and discuss topics of mutual interest. With a thoughtfully designed layout, you will be able to meet in small groups or one-on-one for comfortable networking and knowledge sharing.
  • Affhub 2.0 is also known for its productive panel discussions followed by Q&A sessions. This provides a higher level of interaction giving you the opportunity to learn more about the aspects of affiliate marketing you are interested in from top experts from all over Ukraine.
  • Affhub Conference also offers a variety of interactive seminars and roundtables dedicated to specific issues. Designed to encourage active participation and exchange of ideas, these sessions will help you establish a dialogue with peers who share similar interests.


Affhub creates a quality audience and a friendly atmosphere where you can share knowledge, learn and find new opportunities to enhance your business.


Expert Insights

By attending the conference area at Affhub Conf 2.0 Lviv, you will have a unique opportunity to hear success and failure stories from industry leaders:

Mykyta Novikovskiy – Affiliate Team Leader at Affter Affiliates, a young and fast-developing iGaming affiliate program covering gambling and betting verticals.

Miroslav Lyaskovec – Owner of Lead Marketing, a company providing integrated marketing and design services for various businesses.

Iryna Bilyaeva – CEO and Partner at Juscutum, a company providing legal assistance and support to innovative Ukrainian and international start-ups.

Eugene Buryak – CEO at Gambeat, iGaming marketing company combining in-house media buying and affiliate network.

Anastasia Kulish – CPO at Traffic Devils, one of the largest and most famous media-buying teams in Ukraine.

In addition, you will be able to take part in a panel discussion.


Key Topics of Discussions Revealing Business Development Prospects

Affiliate marketing is a fast-paced industry where one trend replaces another in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with news, innovations and challenges to keep ahead of the curve. By attending the competition, you will have the opportunity to hear the following speeches from leading experts in the industry:

  • How to create and develop a traffic arbitrage business in Ukraine in full compliance with the current legislation.
  • Current challenges and threats that affiliate marketing companies may face and how to deal with them.
  • Current trends, challenges and opportunities for ASO in iGaming in 2024.
  • Features of effective cooperation with streamers and optimisation of interaction processes.
  • Key features and challenges related to hiring and developing talent in affiliate marketing.

In this way, Affhub Conf will become your most important source of knowledge for making decisions regarding the further development of your affiliate marketing business.


Affter Affiliate Program Performance at Affhub Conf 2.0 Lviv

The affiliate conference attendees also include Affter, a trusted affiliate program backed by a team of experts with 10+ years of experience in the iGaming industry. Operating with exclusive-only gambling and betting offers, it is trusted by major iGaming brands such as Nomad, Sultan, Parimatch. Working only with effective affiliates, a wide range of marketing tools and creatives including S2S Postback, flexible commission payment models and in-house affiliate platform are the strengths of Affter Affiliates.


By joining Affhub Conf 2.0 Lviv, you will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Mykyta Novikovskiy, a speaker from Affter Affiliates who holds the position of Affiliate Team Leader in the company. In his speech, Mikita will touch upon all important aspects of interaction with streamers. Since the top streamers have a large audience of loyal followers, effective interaction with them can significantly increase the performance of marketing campaigns. That’s why Mykyta will cover such an important topic, focusing on streamer selection, terms of cooperation, support and resources, analysis, adaptation and other important aspects. Mykyta’s speech will take place from 2:20 to 3:00 pm, so don’t miss the opportunity to get new knowledge from one of the leading experts in affiliate marketing.

 Afterparty Event

After the raffle on the stage from 05:20 to 06:00 pm, there will be an afterparty with a charity auction where you can support the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as many exciting activities. Attendees will be able to sample gourmet food offered by Emily Resort, the best complex in Lviv, enjoy hookah and unlimited drinks. Afterparty offers unique opportunities to continue networking in an informal setting with an atmosphere full of energy and enthusiasm.

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